Actizio is your new, upgraded workout apparel. With our sweat activated t-shirt, the satisfaction and influx of endorphins won't be from now on the only reward you'll receive after your hard workout.

Now, you can wear the result of your exercise proudly on your chest & let everybody know that you've earned the precious time to regenerate.

How it works?

Simple. The design on t-shirt appears as you sweat. The more you sweat the better. And remember - you're not allowed to quit until everything on a t-shirt/tank top is visible! This is how the shirt should be used.

Take it as a extra "spice" added to you workout regime, show the result of your training to others or use it as a motivational tool. It's your call. By the end of the day, all that matters is that you pushed hard! And once you're done, do not forget to tag us @actizio.original & #myActizio on Instagram!

Spread the word & enjoy the support.

actizio wear it picture
1. Wear It

Wear the sweat activated t-shirt to gym or wherever you plan to do your exercise.

actizio workout picture
2. Work Out

Do you exercise properly. You know how it goes: "Go hard or go home".

actizio show off picture
3. Show Off

In case you've been successful, you should look like this.


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